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Homegrown Exchange

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Homegrown Exchange

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19 September meeting - pics

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18 January 2011

Friends cringing when you approach with yet another bag of lemons? Neighbours hiding behind the curtains when you come knocking with more tomatoes in hand?

Homegrown Exchange is a chance to swap your excess produce with other locals.  Meet up with other likeminded people in the area to swap homegrown produce such as fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs and honey. In the lean months, exchange gardening and other useful ideas. No need to bring anything.

As this is a start up exercise the setup may be refined as we go along, but to get started let’s go with below.

What:  Homegrown produce such as fruit, vegetables, cut herbs, eggs, honey.
No seeds or seedlings please as we are kindly being provided a free all weather venue by Plantasia Garden Centre.
How: Bring a bag, take a bag away. Feel free to take away the amount that you have contributed. Nothing in the garden at the moment? Come along anyway.
When: Third Sunday of each month from 2.30pm to 3.00pm.

2011 dates

Sunday 23 January
Sunday 20 February
Sunday 20 March
Sunday 17 April
Sunday 15 May
Sunday 19 June
Where: Plantasia Garden Centre, West Lindfield Shops, Moore Avenue, West Lindfield Plantasia

Photo credits:
Heading photo:   Suat Eman
Chicken photo:
Arvind Balaraman
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